Monday, July 24, 2006

Eggplant Lasagna

Lasagna, yes, and believe it or not, there are no noodles in this one! I love eggplant, and basically converted the husband to its goodness after we married. One of the dishes I like most is lasagna made with eggplant, where slices of either boiled or baked (broiled or roasted) eggplant are layered with yummy Bolognese sauce, covered with cheeses, and baked for a bit just until the cheeses are melted, golden and brown!
It is a lighter version of lasagna, which not only makes us feel good about eating it and, but also leaves room for dessert.
I actually don’t have a real recipe for this one, I always make it by using the ingredients accordingly to how many portions I want to make. I usually make layers of eggplant and sauce, but you could also add a layer of seasoned ricotta cheese to make it even better.
Sunday I made it for lunch and as always it was a huge success, I definitely should make this dish more often here!
Not an actual summer dish (although it is sort of eggplant season around here), but hearty comfort food, a dish to be savored year round!
I leave the idea here for those who would like to give it a try.

Yummy and cheesy before being plated.


Karen said...

Do you grill the eggplant for this dish?

Valentina said...

I love aubergines. This dish reminds me a lot of moussaka.Yum!

Akemi said...

Adoro beringelas assim mas da próxima vez tentarei colocar ricota tbm, deve ficar muito mais gostoso!