Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fruits, fruits and more fruits!!

As I have said here before, one of the best things in Brazil is the freshness of the produce, there you will find the sweetest and most delicious fruits you can ever imagine! And yes, I did eat a lot of fruits and fruit juices while in there, savoring every little bite/droplet as possible.
Matheus loved to get fresh fruits in the backyard of my paren'ts house! He was amazed to see the variety of fruits and trees around there, including his favorite, the "bananeira"! ("banana tree"!) Oh, and he also loved drinking Passion Fruit juice and had it every day!
I am trying a new recipe for lunch and am planning on posting it later today, but meanwhile I will leave here a few pictures of some of the delicious fruits we enjoyed there!
(On the picture above: mango, papaya, star fruit, lychee, and a lemon!)


Passion Fruit.... one of my favorites. Passion Fruit Juice is so good!

Papaya, so good, and its so cheap over there. I made sure to have one every day for breakfast!

Another one I love, Guava! Red and white ones in the picture, but I prefer the white ones!

This is called "Pitaya" in Brazil, but I believe they call it here a Dragonfruit (Is that right?!) It was the first time I ate it, quite expensive, and to be truth not really worth its value... The white one was a little sweeter, but overall they did not taste all that good. I would much more prefer a banana over this one! (however we have to consider that I am not familiar with the fruit and may have chosen some that were not very ripe... who knows!)

This is a fruit I like a lot and wish I could eat more often. We call it a "Fruta do Conde" ("count's fruit") or "Pinha", depending on the area you buy it. It has a very sweet pulp, and the only down side is that it has a lot of seeds, which is surrounded by the delicate pulp by the way. How do you call this fruit here in the US?!


Feetje said...

Came in here with no hope of finding a new post (thought you were going to stay a bit longer here in the sunny land :o) ), but what a pleasant surprise it was to find not one, but 2 new posts :o)
Feel like eating a big good guava now ... uhm ... gotta go to the supermarket ;o)
Welcome back :o)

Valentina said...

Ana, over here they call ata 'custard apple'.x

Erika W. said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you had a fantastic trip. In honor of your arrival home, I'm taggin you for the recent Sevens Meme. Check it out at my blog. :-)