Thursday, October 20, 2005

Macaroni and Cheese

With so much tasting and testing involving ice cream lately, plus the weather that does not decide if it really is going to be fall or not (it was 85 degrees F yesterday), both Matheus and I developed some sore throat… oh well, it was for a good cause!
We had strawberry-banana shake for breakfast, as Matheus did not want to eat anything, so in order to get him to eat something for lunch I decided to make one of his favorites: Macaroni and Cheese.
Pure American food, every kid likes macaroni and cheese here! I had never eaten or heard of it until I came to the US; pasta at my house was usually spaghetti with mom’s tomato sauce on Sundays!
I kind of created my own recipe today, did not measure or anything, and you know what, it was one of the best macaroni and cheese I had! Not many ingredients, very easy to make and Matheus liked it too! I am not the biggest fan of this dish, I much prefer an Alfredo sauce, but this one came out nice, and much better than the boxed stuff (which I don’t like at all).
I cooked the macaroni, drained and reserved. Added a tablespoon of butter to the pan (the same one I used to cook the pasta), and then evaporated milk (about a 1 cup) with some flour dissolved in it (2 teaspoons maybe). Let it sort of cook and thicken a little over medium heat, season with a little bit dry mustard, salt and pepper to taste, then added shredded cheddar cheese until it reached a creamy and cheese consistency. Added back the cooked pasta and stirred.
Easy and simple! Not fancy at all, but definitely comfort food!



Anonymous said...

People around here are pretty mad about MC too. Makes me laugh. I always buy the pasta shells but make something pretty different with that.

Anonymous said...

I love love love mac & cheese! THat looks and sounds so good, and so simple :) Yay!

Feetje said...

Never ate M&C and always wondered what all the fuss was about, guess I got that figured out now :p
Hope things are fine over there since we haven't heard from you in a while :o)

Anonymous said...

Long time no see you, Ana. I hope you're ok.

Anonymous said...

Weird enough, my kids never liked M&C..But..they LOVED ( and still do) pasta & brocolis..Of course I called it pasta & little flowers ( maccarao com florzinhas) when they were little, 'coz brocolis is a scray word..hehe


Anonymous said...

sorry, I meant scary word..;) bad typing!!

Michele said...

Homemade mac and cheese is always the best... wish my kids would agree, they prefer the boxed stuff - *yuck!*

Karen said...

Oi Ana, legal seu blog! Vou reservar um tempo para "explorá-lo" melhor... Abraços!

Tyanne said...

Hi Ana, I like your blog, and try to read it regularly. Haven't seen any new posts lately, hope you are alright.