Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Spring Break Lunch!
Matheus is on Spring Break this week and we are enjoying a full week of doing nothing - he is liking it quite a lot actually!
So our lunches have been simple and easy this week, even more so since it's been raining a lot and basically all we have been able to do is stay home and eat...
Today however, it was sunny outside, so we went out and came back with nice pieces of halibut for lunch.
The fish was simply seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil and roasted in the oven until done.
With the oven on, I also roasted some asparagus (because Spring is asparagus time and this is Matheus' favorite vegetable - and we have been having it everyday this week!), a few baby carrots cut into coins (to roast more quickly), and a juicy tomato for each of us, filled with some leftover brown rice Parmesan risotto and sprinkled with some more Parmesan on top, yum!
Me and Matheus both love bok choy and for some reason I always think about greens when I buy fish. Well, it ended up there were no bok choy for us at whole foods today, so we came back with a pretty bunch of chard instead. It was actually my first time cooking red swiss chard, and it reminded me a lot of beet greens in terms of flavor.
The halibut and stuffed tomato were definitely the stars of the meal. The tomato was juicy and the Parmesan on top together with the rice formed the most delicious crusty topping we could have asked for. Matheus already asked for a repeat on this one! :0)
And the halibut was so moist and tender, flaky and delicious... yummm! When you have good fish fillets you really don't need to fuss much over it.
Simple, easy, and best of all, I only had one pan dirty, and that was because I decided to sautee the chard. Otherwise I would only have our plates and cutlery to wash, since all I had used was the baking sheet, which was purposely lined with aluminum foil for easy clean up.
Can't get much better (and flavorful) than that!


Cheers! Fla said...

hum, que delicia! Adoro peixe, e como vc disse, simples e delicioso.

ps-o Matthew tem bom gosto, tbem adoro aspargos :-)

Cris said...

Oi Ana... que delícia poder ir ao Whole Foods e sair com alguma delícia de lá, sinto falta disto... seu post me deixou saudosa. E a refeição leve e saudável, demais hein. Bjs!

Agdah said...

O spring break daqui acabou na segunda-feira.

Agdah said...

ah, obrigada pelo link do nhoque.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Ana, que delícia de comidinha. Bem que eu queria esse prato no meu almoço hoje!

Sharona May said...

Your lunch looks superb!!! Yum . Hope you have a few more yummy lunches before returning to work.

sharona may

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Cláudia said...

Esse peixinho tenro é tudo de bom!