Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Recipes!
And a wonderful 2008 to all my wonderful friends!!!
I have been so lazy with updating my blog lately that I do need to apologize big here. I have been cooking, and a lot, new recipes, old ones, some that we loved and have made two or three times in the past few months, and even though the kitchen has been busy something got into me and I just kept delaying my posts around here.
But now, it is a New Year, and I want to start it well! And of course, my blog is something I love, the friends I made here I heartily treasure, and I don't want to let this space fade in the blogsphere, so here I am, back with a lot of posts to share, I promise!!
First let me say that I haven't posted any Thanksgiving recipes just because we did not have any... I know, as weird as it may sound, last November we used our Turkey-day-off to take Matheus to Disney, and that was the VERY BEST THING we could have done! It was so worth it, we had soooo much fun, he loved every second of our 4-day trip and it was by far our favorite time of 2007 (together with our trip to Brasil last Jan/Feb!).
So, that's why no turkey recipes appeared here. However, we filled the gap on Christmas Day, which by the way was very calm and peaceful, just the three of us in our home, sweet home!! :-)
We had Turkey (a whole turkey breast which I seasoned the day before with lots of herbs, butter, salt and pepper, and then roasted on the 25th) with Vegetable Gravy on the side (which I will post here because it was amazingly good!), Honey Glazed Carrots, Broccolini sauteed with garlic, and a "Christmas Rice" (as Matheus named it!) with dried fruits and nuts- which was a hit, we all loved at home. Matheus liked it so much and he could not believe I came up with it without using a recipe! hohoho!!!
And here is a peek of the rice so you can take a look, it did came out pretty, huh?!

Anyways, Christmas was simple, easy, but very nice. Matheus had fun opening presents and spending the day playing in his pajamas, so yes, we did have a happy time!
For New Years Eve and Day we also kept low key, on the 31st Matheus was in bed by 10:00 pm and the husband and I watched a movie while we waited to toast 2008 with a little champagne (and i do mean little). Nothing fancy, but special for us nonetheless.

So now you all know how that I am still here and will be posting a lot more recipes this year!
And I do wish all the best to all of my dear friends, and Thank You, Thank You to for the time that we spent together, here in my kitchen during these past few years of kitchenspace!


Fer Guimaraes Rosa said...

Ana! Welcome back! :-)
Agora vou poder comentar no seu blog tambem. Gosto das festas assim, como as suas, tranquila, sem muito fuzoe e consequentemente sem muitas sobras. :-)

Que voce e sua familia tenha um ano maravilhoso! Muita paz, felicidade, saude e comidas deliciosas. beijaooo!

Akemi said...

Ana, que legal que vcs foram conhecer a Disney! Imagino a felicidade do Matheus vendo todos aqueles brinquedos, os personagens... é uma experiência única para qualquer criança!

Karen said...

Meu ano novo também teve sessão de cinema! rs

Que bom vê-la de volta! Adorei a receita de filé de frango recheado!

Cinara said...

It was great to know you had happy and peaceful holidays, my dear friend Ana! I am looking forward to your new recipes, as you know I love everything that comes out of your kitchen... ;o)
Have a wonderful 2008 with your hubby and son, and we'll sure be in touch!