Saturday, January 12, 2008

Chicken Pot Pie!!

Or should I say Turkey Pot Pie.... yeah, I know, it was not chicken!
As most of my friends we also had some leftovers from our Christmas Turkey Breast, so I had to figure something to do with all the meat. Thankfully our turkey was very moist and flavorful (really, I was impressed, it was the best I have made!) so it was a pleasure to eat the leftovers over and over!!
In order to use up some of the turkey and not have to eat it right away I made one of our favorite and one of the Husband most requested recipes: Chicken Esfihas, which I have already posted and talked about here, didn't change a thing other than using turkey instead of chicken!
I make it once a month and freeze it so we can have for lunches and snacks when the hunger attacks.
With what was left I decided to make a Potpie, which came out soooo delicious that it wished I had more turkey to make it again on the following week. We loved it so much that we polished of most of it in one meal.
I actually did not follow a recipe, but used the veggies and turkey we had leftover calling for us in the fridge. But I based my Turkey Potpie on the recipe that appeared in the cover of November's Everyday Food magazine.
You basically make a white sauce (bechamel), a more "loose" one than you would if making sauce for pasta, and then add the cooked chicken and veggies of choice, creating this way a very flavorful filling which can be covered with a variety of toppings: pastry crust, biscuits, phyllo dough.
I chose to use phyllo dough for mine, as I wanted to experiment and have some fun with it! However, as fun as it is to work with phyllo, you do have to be extremely careful as the dough sheets are very delicate and tear easily. Plus, always keep a damp towel covering the pieces you are not working with so they don't dry out, because let me tell you, they are so thin that they really do start to get dry in a matter of seconds.
For our potpie we used the roasted turkey breast, carrots, peas, corn, broccoli and mushrooms. Also, I made my "white sauce" with half milk and half chicken broth, just because I wanted to add some more flavor other than just having a milky sauce. It worked pretty well and I liked the results much better than other potpies I have tried (which were not many I don't find comercial/restaurant varieties to be "that" good). And I also brushed the top of the phyllo topping with olive oil and sprinkled some freshly grated Parmesan cheese on it - this top part was so yummy!
I will leave here the link for the Chicken Potpie from Everyday Food, as well as for another recipe I had marked to try from Cooking Light (my favorite cooking magazine!). They are both really similar and use phyllo as a topping. But feel free to browse on the websites and see the potpie options they have to offer, and they do have quite a few!
Either using a recipe or creating your own, this is a dish worth trying, especially now during the winter months, as I found this to be a delicious and very satisfying comforting meal, just perfect for when we were all together at home during the school break.
This homemade chicken potpie won my stomach and warmed my heart!

For the Everyday Food LighterChicken Potpie: click here.

But check this Chicken Potpie from Cooking Light too!


Valentina said...

I just love reading your posts as the passion for food is in every single sentence. how fabulous to add a bit of stock to the bechamel.really liked that.there was no turkey at home this year - as I went away I did not bother at all.

Cris said...

Love, love, love pot pies!!! Minha favorita americana, talvez por causa das boas memórias, toda vez que visito minha host mother faz para mim... beijos!

Fer Guimaraes Rosa said...

Ana, eu tava de olho nessa receita. Agora tah no papo! :-) beijo grande,

Rosane Vargas said...

Great, I'll try to improve my English making delicious recipes.

Iliane said...

Ana..fiquei super de olho nesa sua receita!!!tá bonita amiga..pena né?rsssss..parabens..iliane

Elvira said...

É engraçado... Estive a passar férias nos EUA em Outubro e comprei a revista Everyday Food que traz essa receita na capa. Até já a fiz e achei muito boa. Só não a postei porque as fotografias ficaram uma droga...! :-D