Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

As with other holidays Valentine's Day has also turned into something more commercial than anything else, plus everyday is supposed to be a time for showing our fondness for the closest ones. However, who doesn't like celebrations, and being remembered by getting a lovely card?
There is always room for some love, and a heart filled day is certainly always welcome at our home!
By the way, the little hearts on the picture above were some croûtons I made to have with our "romantic" fondue dinner for three (we all love one another, so why not include Matheus in the fun, right?!), so yummy and cheesy, just perfect for the cold days we have been getting lately! (You can get my favorite fondue recipe here)
Ohh, and look what I got from my dear husband, he couldn't have gotten me a better bouquet!
I love him SO MUCH!!
Hope you all had a great and lovely time today too!


brisa said...

Ana!! Happy (late) Valentine's day!!

Yeah! Love is something so good that the more people whos shares it, the merrier:))

Lindo seu "bouquet":)) E os croutons tb!!



Karen said...

Ah! Seu marido a conhece bem! rs

Ana said...

Thanks Brisa!!

Karen, viu so, acho q ele ta prestando mais atencao nas coisas agora depois de uns aninhos juntos! hehehe!!!


Akemi said...

Ana, adorei este buquê de frutas! Lindo! Seu Valentine's foi super delicioso!

valentina said...

What a loving hubby!!

urban vegan said...

What an adorable "bouquet." I like that it won't go to waste--and it looks pretty, too.