Saturday, August 05, 2006

Coconut Flan

This is one of the simplest recipes I have ever made and eaten, however, it is one of my favorite desserts. There is no secrets when preparing Coconut Flan, simply whirl everything together in the blender and pour on your favorite mold, nope, no baking or cooking here, in the fridge it goes. A few hours to help it set up in the ice box and you have got yourself a creamy coconut flavored flan, so delicious you will not believe how easy it was to make.
This recipe is pretty popular in Brazil and there people love to caramelize their mold, however it is not necessary doing so if you don’t want to. I personally, as a creamy dessert person, like the custard by itself, but the caramel sure does add some flavor and makes it look prettier too, so the choice is all yours!
You can put this in a ring mold, a jell-o mold, whatever you have; it can even be chilled in ramekins for individual portions, and even though I haven’t tried yet, I believe some fruit sauce might go well with here too – instead of the caramel that is.
There are no rules, just the enjoyment of something easy and simple, but flavorful nonetheless.

Just a quick note: take a look at the sidebar; I finally got around to creating my Recipe Index, yay!! Now it will be much easier to browse the posted recipes!

Easy Coconut Flan
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1-cup coconut milk
1-cup heavy cream
1 envelope unflavored gelatin
½ cup water

In a small sauce pan sprinkle gelatin over the water, let it bloom for a couple minutes and then warm it up over low heat until it dissolves, don’t let boil.
Put the other ingredients on a blender and process until smooth, add the dissolved gelatin and blend until incorporated. Pour the mixture over a gelatin or ring mold and put it in the fridge until set up, about 6 hours, or overnight.

Note: you can caramelize your mold if you want to (just make sure it is heat resistant!), for this simply warm up to a cup of sugar in a small sauce pan over medium-high heat, just until it takes on a light amber color. Pour caramel over mold and let it set. I usually caramelize my mold before I start blending my flan, that way the mold is ready and cooled when I need it.

This one was made using red unflavored gelatin, I liked the pink color, it was so pretty!


Karen said...

Adoro flans... A primeira impressão de quem vê o de gelatina vermelha é de que deve ter gosto de morango!

Ana said...

Eh verdade mesmo Karen, parece de morangos! E ai no Brasil vc pode fazer de outros sabores, usando aquela caixinha de maria mole no lugar da gelatina, tem sabor coco, morango e chocolate, da p/ variar o pudim!!
Eh uma das minhas sobremesas cremosas preferidas! Eu adoro o de coco, mas feito com maria mole de chocolate tbem eh bem bom!

Anonymous said...

Your flan looks absolutely DELICIOUS!!!!


Valentina said...

Beautiful stuff as usual.

Akemi said...

Uau! Adorei essa sugestão, Ana! Vou fazer correndo, comprei mais latas de leite de coco ontem e agora já sei qual será o destino delas!

Ana said...

Paz, thank you!

Valentina, thanks!

Akemi, faca pois eh bom, levinho, facil e gostoso!


Joe said...

Very pretty! Love that you added a recipe index.. heading off to go poke around!

Ana said...

Thanks Joe!! The recipe index is going to make life easier to browse the recipes! I like when the other blogs have indexes, it was more than time for me to add it to mine!

Gattina Cheung said...

All your yummy food makes me hungry again even I just had my breakfast! This coconut flan is simply delicious, really love it. And I'm so happy you adding my blog!

Elvira said...

Vem mesmo a calhar, esta frescura de doce, com o tempo horrivelmente quente que temos neste momento em Portugal!