Friday, March 04, 2011

My ABC's

Gosh, it has been so long since I last posted here, this is crazy. I swear I did not forget about my blog. To be honest, I keep wanting to post every single day but I never seem to find the time to seat back, relax, and write a nice post.
Next week is spring break so I am hoping for a lot of relaxing and posts to come! :-)
I totally underestimated how much time you need to dedicate for studying when doing a Master's degree. Then this semester I decided to take in one extra class and oh boy, it is definitely way too much when you are a mom, wife, class parent, and everything else. Next semester I am definitely taking less classes and will definitely have more time not only for the blog but most importantly for me and my family.
Besides school, this past month we started a renovation on our kitchen and what was supposed to be 2 weeks of "kitchenless" life turned out to be 3, and still counting. I just cannot wait to have my kitchen back. This is crazy, I hate not being able to cook.
The one positive thing that keeps me sane during this torture is knowing that the outcome is going to be worth it, and so far it has been, I love everything we pick and chose for the kitchen and it all is coming out nicely. I will definitely be posting pictures soon!
Today I wanted to do something different. I haven't done this before on this blog, so when I saw it on Ashley's blog I thought it would be fun to do it too so you all can learn a bit more about me.
Here, goes, a little bit about Ana, in abc's form!
See you soon back with recipes and pics,

A. Age:
31 (almost 32...)

B. Bed size: King, looove it!

C. Chore you dislike: cleaning the toilets, I HATE it.

D. Dogs: none, however Matheus has been begging for a puppy....

E. Essential start to your day: Brushing my teeth, drinking lots of water, and breakfast!

F. Favorite color: I like white a lot (especially when it comes to clothes), but since it might not be considered a color then I pick yellow.

G. Gold or silver: silver, always!

H. Height: 5’5"

I. Instruments you play(ed): none... oh wait, I played one in Brazil during 2nd grade for the school band, but truly I don't know what it is called in English, in Portuguese it is called "caixa" or "caixinha", anyone can help me with this one?

J. Job title: oh oh... stay at home mom, student, future nutritionist???!!!

K. Kids: Matheus: MY LIFE!

L. Live: Cary, NC

M. Mom’s name: Elizete

N. Nicknames: Ana, Aninha, Paula

O. Overnight hospital stays: When I had an appendectomy and then when I had Matheus.

P. Pet peeves: leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight, people that don't pay attention (and eat or text in the car) when driving, excessive grammar mistakes, going out to eat and getting bad food.

Q. Quote from a movie: It's so FLUFFY!! (From "Despicable Me", have you watched this? Best movie ever!)

R. Righty or lefty: Righty

S. Siblings: Ana Claudia, my soul sister :-)

T. Time you wake up: 6 am, I like waking up early and get my day going, it is definitely very productive - only thing is that I crash by 10pm.

U. Underwear: huh? Yes, I use them (is that what I am supposed to say?) I think we should come up with something better for the letter U category... maybe University?! Then I would answer Unisa in Brasil and NCSU here in the US (better than underpants, rght?!).

V. Vegetables you dont’ like: celery and fennel. Matheus says I have "fennelphobia", a fear of fennel! I don't like fennel or anise flavor on anything. I can even eat turnips (don't like them much either), but fennel I pass, the flavor is really strong to me.

W. What makes you run late: My mom! hahahaha!! (my sister is going to get this one!) I have been late for all my life, now I have a thing that I try my extreme best to be on time, and I am usually successful.

X. X-rays you’ve had: hands and foot (from mild injuries playing sports in middle school), hips (due to my sciatic pain)

Y. Yummy food you make: Salads, soups, ...everything. Not that I want to pat myself in the back, but I just love my food.

Z. Zoo animal favorites: now this is something I am not so sure about. I have learned about zoo animals and the way they are treated lately and I am not sure I support zoos anymore. But if I had to pick I like the giraffes!


Karen said...

"Caixa"? Não sei o que é nem em português! rs

Bom ler um pouco mais sobre você! Boa reforma da cozinha! Espero fotos!

Ana Cláudia Ruy Cardia said...

Adorei o post! E eu sofro de atrasite tambem, sou igualzinha nossa mamis/vóvis..... =/

The Food Hunter said...

This is such a great idea. I might have to post one too.

Akemi said...

Poxa, imaginava que aí os prazos fossem cumpridos e respeitados mas espero que a cozinha fique maravilhosa!
Adorei saber mais algumas coisas sobre vc!
Aguardamos ansiosas pelas receitas!

Lisa said...

This is great---fun to get to know you a little!

Talita said...

Que ótimo que sua cozinha já está em ordem! Estou curiosíssima para ver como vai ficar o bolo.

PS. Sonho de consumo: cama king size. =D


Eli said...

Ana saudades de você!! Espero que tudo termine bem por aí. :)

Talita said...

Oi, Ana. Vim responder ao seu comentário no blog. Sim, aquelas bolachinhas ficam tipo sequilhos. São um pouco diferentes por causa da quantidade de farinha, mas são muito gostosinhas.

Quanto ao bolo, pode testar quando puder. Eu estou um pouco presa também porque estou proibida de comer doce... =(

Só vou fazer doce na casa da minha mãe e me controlar muito para não experimentar. rs


Valentina said...

Tenho pens ado tanto em ti pois ando fazendo uns muffins que pegged de ti, e pãezinhos. Fun este questionário.

Lauren @ Spiced Plate said...

Hi Ana -- you won my giveaway of Simply Gluten and Sugar Free! Send me you address - cathedralanatomy at gmail dot com - and I'll get it in the mail to you. Congrats!

Eli said...

Quero ver as fotos depois em Ana?! E olha se você se aventurar no rocambole me conte o que achou. rs

Super beijo, saudades.

brisa said...

Ana, reforma eh assim mesmo..Nos estamos reformando a parte de cima e leva uma eternidade..mas no final vale a pena.:) Forca que logo-logo estara com uma cozinha linda!!:) Pics, please :)


LiveLoveNYC said...

What a fun post! This is my first time visiting your blog, nice to get to know you a bit :)

STUFT Mama said...

ABCs- what a great idea! :) Love learning a little more about you and LOVE your son's name! :) Have a wonderful day!

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Dina said...

Your post was fun to read!

Akemi said...

Oi, Ana! Feliz 2012 a vc e sua família! Bjss

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