Thursday, October 15, 2009

I love those little seeds, they look like little jewels and are so intensely flavored. My grandma had a pomegranate tree on her backyard so every time I crack one of these open I am taken back to my childhood when we used to open the pomegranate and sit on the backyard sucking the juice and spiting seeds on the grass. Oh, and yes, mom would make me change into an old shirt when I wanted to eat pomegranates, she always said that pomegranate stains never came out of out clothes.
I don't have a particular recipe for using this fruit though. Since my early years my favorite thing is to eat the seeds by themselves. Today I also enjoy them sprinkled on spinach salad, it is quite yummy too.
Now, if you get pomegranate juice then it's another thing. My favorite thing to do with that? Pomegranate Sangria - red wine, pomegranate juice, triple sec, agave nectar to taste, sliced oranges, and crushed min leaves - delicious summer drink!
But since it is getting cold around here I will stick with the fresh pomegranate seeds for this time of the year.
Excuse me but I have to find a old shirt I don't mind staining now! ;o)


Rita said...

As romãs remetem à idéia de amor e fecundidade. Let them stain, then. ;-)

Fer Guimaraes Rosa said...

Ana, que super coincidencia! :-)

Nao sabia dessa infelicidade sobre o suco que mancha. melhor tomar cuidado e me prevenir.

um beijo,

brisa said...

Amiga!! Gotta do this recipe. Bella LOVES pomegranate AND sangria. Sounds like a winner, even on winter (fall) time. I'll try for Thanksgiving.

Yeah, I'm collecting cool recipes for that holiday, since it's the first year that kids "will be back" for the holiday.

Bjs e thanks:):)

Valentina said...

Ana, I love pomegranate as well. I tend to use it a lot in salads.We do not care much about them in brasil, right?!shame. Ps are so good.

brisa said...

Amiga, qdo tiver um tempinho, pode colocar as proporcoes vinho/suco /agave etc?

Bellinha esta visitando, contei pra ela e ateh compramos uma jarra novinha pra sangria do Thanksgiving:) Nao estamos preocupadas se eh bebida do verao, estara quentinho e aconchegante aqui em casa, como um lar tem que ser:):)

Bjs querida e um LINDO DOMINGO pra voces.

Ana said...

Rita, eh isso mesmo, e as daqui sao maravilhosas, cheia de suco e docinhas, eu amo! as manchas nao me incomodam muito nao, rs!!

Fer, as romas do Brasil deixavam uma mancha marrom nas roupas, as daqui parece q fica roxo mesmo, da cor do suco das sementinhas.

Brisa, depois me conta se vc fizer a sangria! Beijos!

Valentina, it is a shame, but I have always loved them, since a wee bit girl! (I think I was the only one in the family that liked pomegranates, seriously, I don't remember anyone else asking to eat them!)