Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Blueberries so tiny…

They are not in season yet, I know, but I like blueberries so much that I keep buying them frozen throughout the winter months. It is not the same as fresh, but they are so healthy and good for you that even frozen I enjoy my blueberries as if it was summer again.
Blueberry is a fruit I discovered here in the US, we did not used to have them in Brazil, but with its growing popularity I have heard that they are now trying to cultivate it over there too (and if I am not wrong the name in Brazil would be “mirtilos”).
Speaking of cultivated blueberries, I have always heard people talk about wild blueberries and how much better they were supposed to be when compared to their cultivated counterparts. Well, now I know what the experts were talking about.
I happened to find frozen blueberries for the first time at BJs a couple months ago, and for my surprise they were the wild variety. I more than quickly grabbed a bag and run to the register, just as if someone would come and take my new discovery away from me. I was finally going to try wild blueberries!
And you know what, they DO taste better. Much better indeed, they are a lot more flavorful than the regular frozen blueberries I used to buy. I loved it!!
They are so tiny, much smaller than the cultivated variety, but they pack in the smaller ones the entire flavor that the huge ones at the store have to offer. They are also sturdier, meaning that they don’t burst easily when heated up (yes, I like to eat them heated up with a sprinkle of sugar, oh so good!).
I have been eating them straight out of the package, heated up, mixing them into smoothies, and in baked goods, and they are always great, especially on my favorite: blueberry muffins!
However, yesterday I tried them on a very easy recipe for Blueberry Pie!
I wanted to make something with blueberries that would be just as flavorful as it would be easy to make. I have seen a few recipes for blueberry pies and a couple of them called my attention, as they were actually no-bake pies. I sort of combined both recipes and created my own pie, and it turned out very good!
Since I actually prefer them to regular pastry, I used a cookie crumb crust for my pie, but a regular pie shell would definitely work well here too.
The recipe is easy, and you can make it in a pinch when using a store-bought crust. I made mine using frozen blueberries, and can’t wait to try it with the fresh ones over the summer months. Easy and delicious, definitely going to be repeated over here!

Blueberry Pie
One pre-baked piecrust
4 cups blueberries (you can use more or less according to the size of your pie crust)
½ cup water
¼ cup sugar
1 ½ tablespoons cornstarch
2 tablespoons water
1 teaspoon lemon juice

In a saucepan combine 1 cup of the blueberries with the water, cook over medium heat just until the blueberries heats up and the liquid reduces a little. Add the sugar and cook one minute more. Add lemon juice, dissolve the cornstarch on the 2 tablespoons water and add to the pan, stirring constantly. Cook for one more minute or until mixture thickens. Remove from heat and add the remaining blueberries to the pot, folding them gently into the cooked mixture. Pour blueberry mixture into the prepared crust. Let cool and then refrigerate for a couple hours before serving.


Valentina said...

Ana, I never tire to look at this picture.It looks so wonderful. I can't wait to prepare it over the weekend. Could you just tell me what size pie dish you used? 22cm?

Ana said...

Valentina, this pie was so good, we polished it of in two days here!
I used a 9 inch pie plate, which I think would be 22.5 cm.

Anonymous said...

Ana, this is beautiful!! I love blueberries too and just like you, buy them frozen..I happen to have a pie crust in the freezer, not sure if I still have blueberries, but I'm sure to try this pretty soon..Thank you for sharing, this looks yummy!!!!!



Akemi said...

Ana, thanks for pecan pie recipe! This blueberry pie looks so delicious too! I can`t wait to make it!

Anonymous said...

saudade de blueberries!!!!! tava falando delas hoje!!!!!
Saudade maior de vcs!!!
Beijos hermana! amo vc!!!!

Anonymous said...

oi ana!!
td bom??
visita surpresa relampago aki...faz tempo q num via essas coisas boas e ficava com fome..hehehe
continua fazendo td mtu lindo...quase fui excomungado pela ana qdu disse q nunca tinha comido blueberry...hahahaha
bjus cunhad!!

Vanessa said...

That looks so yummi!!!!

Jeff in NC said...

I never even tried blueberries until I moved to New Jersey. I decied to try them one day, as they were dirt cheap at peak season, and fell in love!

Now we can never get enough of them either. We also buy the frozen buggers off-season :)