Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yellowish veggies...

Not just pretty, but full of flavor too! I have been experimenting with curries and every time I make it I love it more!!
I usually am not able to eat this type of food outside our home due to the spiciness present in restaurant dishes (my stomach ulcer just cannot handle it...), but since it can be so yummy I try to make it at home, using spices at a level where I can eat without any side effects.
For this one I used a lot of vegetables and one of my favorite foods: chickpeas! I sauteed onion and garlic, added a can of chickpeas and chopped veggies that where hanging around in the fridge (zucchini, carrots, red peppers, and some spinach leaves), sauteed them a little more; next came curry powder, cumin and tumeric - I just love the yellowish color it gives to food, makes it look soooo yummy and happy!!
I also add some vegetable broth to make a little sauce, season with salt to taste and serve over brown rice. Yum, no, double yum!
It was delicious, and everyone at home agreed!!

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Kathleen said...

What a beautiful dish! I love all of the colors! I love curries too!