Monday, April 30, 2007

A Happy, Happy Day!

It was my birthday yesterday and I could not let my 28th celebration go by without a little treat, right? I felt like I should have actually baked a cake for myself, but after a few kitchen disasters over the weekend I just decided to relax, stepped out of the kitchen, and went out to enjoy my day with the husband and Matheus!

We started the day with a yummy pancake breakfast filled with fruits, honey, yogurt and milk! Matheus loves pancakes for breakfast and asked if I could make some for my birthday. Sure, easy and simple enough, he was happy and I even more to have breakfast with both of them! (it is sometimes hard for the three of us to sit down together for breakfast on weekdays...).

I even got a few gifts too, cute ear rings and necklace that my mom sent from Brazil (Thanks mom!) and a "new camera" from my boys! Our camera was not behaving nicely lately so my husband heard my complains and got us a new one, this way, according to him, I can be happy taking my food pictures!

And since it was "My Day", the Husband said I could pick wherever I wanted to go for lunch, and I chose the "Foster's Market"! It is a little far from our home (about 30 minutes) and not a place we go often, in fact it was my second time there. The place's owner is Sara Foster, who is the author of a couple of cookbooks that I have and loooooove. Besides the Cafe's cool atmosphere, my main reason to pick this place was simply because the food is healthy and delicious! Everything is freshly made there, everyday; they have salads, sandwiches, and the best soup I have had in a restaurant, really yummy!
We had wraps, sandwiches and soup, and although yesterday they didn't have the soup I wanted the one we tried was very flavorful too.
I left the camera in the car so I can't show you the food, but I managed to take a picture of the outside before we left. As I said before, nothing fancy, but really good food! (and that is what I am all about!)

The Foster's Market:

After lunch we went strawberry picking! So much fun, and the berries are the best you can get, super fresh, ultra sweet and juicy! Gotta love strawberry season, huh?!!

And, to finish it all, of course we had to sing happy birthday and blow out a candle. As it is with most kids, Matheus cannot picture a birthday without a cake, so I ended up making cupcakes, which were surrounded by the wonderful strawberries and his favorite party treat: brigadeiros! Chocolate and strawberries together, how could we go wrong??!

You know, I got older but also a lot happier! My husband and my son were amazing at making my day as good as could be! Thank you guys, I love you both more than anything!
Happy Birthday To Me!!!


Flor de Sal said...

Congratulations for your birthday! And girl, don't get stressed about geting older. I'm 36 and I'm still here, full of energy!!!
(Ok, I admit ... I spend a lot of casch in beauty creans and other stuffs!!!!)
Happy birthday and enjoy live!!!!

fezoca said...

Feliz Aniversario, Ana!! Muitas felicidades pra voce. Felicidades, nao so para hoje, mas para todos os outros dias do seu ano. Beijaooo, com carinho,

* ah, e 28 puxoes de orelha! ;-))

Joe said...

Happy Birthday Ana!

valentina said...

Ana, happy,happy birthday.May this new year bring loads of good things.

Cinara said...

Assim não vale, Ana!! Contar do aniversário depois que passou?? Mas não tem problema: mesmo atrasado, desejo muitas felicidades e muitos anos de vida para você! E parece que seu dia foi realmente delicioso e muito bem comemorado com seus "homens"... É isso que importa, não é? Um beijão e tudo de bom para você!

Karen said...

Estou atrasada! :(

Parabéns!!! Adorei a forma como vocês comemoraram seu aniversário!


Patricia Scarpin said...

Happy birthday, dear Ana!!!

I can see you had loads of fun, that's great!

Cláudia said...

I wish you a very happy birthday, Ana, your son is so cute. Congratulations and a very good year for you and your family.

Cláudia B.

Akemi said...

Que decoração mais fofa e meiga que você fez, Ana! Chocolate e morango é outra combinação "felizes para sempre!"
Fico muito feliz que tenha corrido tudo bem, amiga!

Ana said...

Thank You So Much Everyone!!!
I love you all!
Ana said...

RÁ-TIM_BUM! parabéns!
Vim aqui através do blog da fofa da Fer!

Ana said...

Oi CopacabAna! Obrigada pelos parabens, prazer em conhece-la e obrigadissima pela visita, fiquei feliz em conhecer gente nova!
Muito bacAna seu blog tbem, fui la visitar! hehe!