Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It was a Happy Happy Birthday!

A party with some free throws, great passes, one we definitely scored!
Matheus turned 6 on March 25... six... I still cannot believe, he is growing so fast.
However, I am enjoying each and every day of these first years of his life, while he still near me, smiling, playing around, always with a hug and some kisses to make his mommy happy!
We had a birthday party for him and his friends from school at a bounce-house-type-party-place and after one and a half hours playing, jumping, and running around, the kids were more than ready for some juice and cake - which this year turned out to be a Basketball Court (or half of it...).
Matheus enjoyed his party, his cake, and more than everything having fun with his friends, and that was more than enough and made me as happy as one could be!
And since I have been sharing my latest creations in the cake world with you I decided to post this one too. Inside it was a Chocolate Cake filled with whipped cream. I wanted to take a picture of a slice but I have to tell you, there were NO slices left.... the kids loved the cake and it was gone. My husband saved a piece, which I quickly took a bite and was happy to see why, it did came out very yummy!
For the cake recipe in English, the Cocoa Cake is posted here, and it is the same one I made for last years soccer birthday cake too.
If you would like to see a recipe in Portuguese, take a look at Eliana's blog, she has a yummy chocolate cake recipe posted here, which is where I got the idea to use whipped cream for the filling of mine. Super simple and the end result is perfect, so delicious and the kids really enjoyed! (and for birthday parties you can't ask for more than that!)
Hope you like it too!


Laurinha said...

Ana, que alegria!!! Ele já tem 6 anos... é mesmo, o tempo passa rapidinho!
Que bolo lindo! Super bem decorado, chamei meu filho para ver, ele disse que ficou demais!!!

Olha, super parabéns ao filhote, felicidades, alegrias, saúde, e muito amor, viu!


Patricia Scarpin said...

Parabéns a ele, Ana!
E que bolo mais lindo!

fezoca said...

Ana! Feliz aniversario pro Matheus!! SEIS! IUrrru!! Tah ficando um mocinho, como diziam minhas tias! :-) Muitas felicidades pra ele, e pra voces todos. O tempo passa rapido mesmo, temos que aproveitar cada minuto. Super beijo, lindoca!

Cinara said...

What a wonderful cake, Ana! Happy belated birthday to Matheus and congratulations to you on your outstanding baking and decorating skills, my friend! (I saw the other cakes on a previous post and simply loved them...)

Cris said...

6 anos!!! Parabéns Mateus!!! Que Papai do céu continue enchendo de alegria os seus dias!!! Ficou lindo Ana!

Karen said...

Parabéns para o Matheus! Seis anos! O tempo passa mesmo rápido!

Akemi said...

Ana, mil perdões pelo atraso mas quero deixar meus parabéns para o Matheus! E este bolo está lindo, amiga! Vc está se superando cada vez mais na modelagem de pasta americana! Parabéns aos dois! Bjs e boa semana!

Eliana Scaramal said...

Ana dê um beijo nele por mim! O bolo está tão lindo amiga, fiquei apaixonada!

Valentina said...

Ana,what a gorgeous cake!!!you are amazing. trully gifted - you should pursue cake making...