Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mickey Mouse Fun!!

Since we took Matheus to Disney World for the first time last year he got an addoration for all things Mickey!
But hey, there is no way one would not like these Mickey raviolis... aren't they cute?! And I have to say, they are yummy! But no, I didn't make them, we found them at the grocery store.
However, we have been making Mickey Pancakes at home!
Easy and fun, just pour your pancake batter as usual in the pan/griddle and then add a little bit of batter to each side of the pancake to make the ears. Flip as you would normally do with your regular pancakes and eat them with an even bigger smile on your face!
Oh, and if you would like a healthy and wholesome pancake recipe, take a look here for one I have posted before: Whole Wheat Pancakes with Strawberry Sauce.

I tell you, having kids and being a mommy is a lot of fun! Even breakfast makes you smile!!


laila said...

ai eu comeria tranquilamente esse ratinho...q amor!bjs

brisak said...

Ah, amiga, voce eh so sweet:)) Adorei as pankekinhas..hehe



Laurinha said...

Você tem razão!! Não tem benção maior do que filhos!
E com carinho assim, delícia!

Valentina said...

This Mickey is soo cute.

Cris said...

Meus filhos amam essas panquecas com carinha de Mickey. Quem fez para eles a primeira vez foi minha mãe americana, e eu na época fiquei encantada, sempre que posso repito aqui, mas sabe Ana... falta aquele tchan que é estar aí... Beijos!

taiyyaba said...

now that's just plain cute.