Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Catching up on the Memes….

So, here I am back to answer the Vegetables Meme that Karen from “Kafka na Praia” tagged me! I love vegetables, so this is going to be fun!

1. Do you like vegetables?
I love it!

2. Do you have a favorite vegetable?
I them all, but I like squash a lot! (especially butternut)

3. Is there any vegetable that you think (or know) most people don’t like, but that you find great?
Chayote squash. I also love eggplant, but not everybody is crazy about it as I am.

Most people find chayote to be somewhat bland in its flavor, and not many people know it here in the US.

4. Is there any vegetable that you think (or know) most people find great, but that you don't love that much? Which experience you have with it?
More and more I have been finding recipes that includes Fennel, the bulb. I really do not like its flavor, in any variety; I guess the “anise” kind of flavor is not for me at all. Also, I don’t like celery, and most people love it.

5. Which kinds of vegetable are unusual to you?
Rhubarb is something I have not eaten many times or even cooked with it.

6. Name a couple of vegetables that you cook or eat.
Oh my… I eat lots of carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, corn, tomatoes, squash (winter and summer ones), bell peppers, eggplant, pumpkin, asparagus, potatoes, and more… I like them all!

7. Which vegetables do you want to know better and bring into you kitchen more frequently?
I would like to experiment more with the variety of roots available!

8. Some thoughts about vegetables.
I certainly could not live without vegetables! They bring so many flavors to our meals, plus they are packed with vitamins, healthy and good for you!

9. Name a great cookbook on vegetables.
A vegetarian book that I find great (and probably the next one I going to buy) is Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, by Debora Madison. This book is full of good recipes!

And now, I tag Joe from Culinary in the Desert, you are it!


Karen said...

Thank you for answering the meme! I don't know all those squash varieties, take some pictures of them someday!

Brisa said...

Amiga!!( Should I translate?? My Friend!!)..

Eu nunca comi rubarbo(?) (I've never eaten Rhubarb)..Que vergonha! ( What a shame!!)..

Bom, mas como voce, amo os vegetais, todos!!( Well, but just like you I love veggies, all of them).:))

Bjs e Happy Valentine's:))