Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Back and with Mushroom recipe to share!

Clearly it has been months since I my last post in the blog... gee, where does the time goes? Seriously, is it just me or this year is flying by?
Everything has been nice around here with us in the past few months. I was one happy gal going back to school, loved my classes to the last second of lectures, so much so that I decided to apply for Grad School and pursue a masters in Nutrition. Right now I am still waiting to hear from the University to see if they accepted me or not, so keeping my fingers crossed here!
And while I wait I am taking a summer nutrition class (one that counts for the masters already), this time I chose an online class since Matheus will be out of school pretty soon, but I have to tell you that taking online classes is not quite my thing. I like to go to the class, watch the lecture and interact with the teacher, I like to see and talk to people! Besides, when you are taking a class online you have to manage your own studying time, being very organized and disciplined to not miss any assignments (and man do I have many of them!).
Anyways, I am truly enjoying my nutrition class and since I am home most of the time I am also having more time to play in the kitchen. Lots of recipes being made and photographed lately, and here is one that I made that the three of us just absolutely LOVED: Mushroom Ragu
Since my favorite publication (Cooking Light) decided to entirely reformulate their magazine in the worse way possible (why, why did they do that to my favorite mag???), I had to start looking for new cooking/food mags that would present me with nutritious and delicious dishes, and luck me, I did find a great one. Besides Eating Well which I already liked a lot and have know for years, I have been very fond of a relatively new magazine lately: Clean Eating.
Man this magazine is colorful and has great recipes from a nutritional point of view, plus they have the same views/ideals in terms of food as mine: fresh foods, no refined sugars, no processed foods, dishes based on whole grains, vegetables and fruits... I could not ask for more.
I have been making many dishes from Clean Eating and we have been adoring them all. Their recipes are tasty, made with fresh and simple ingredients and easy to make - always a big plus, right?!
The one that stood out from the ones I made so far was definitely the Portobello Mushroom Ragu from the May/June 2010 issue.
The sauce was delicious, fragrant and so flavorful. Matheus loves mushrooms, he is crazy about it and he devoured this declaring the best pasta sauce ever. Even the husband (big meat eater) loved this one too and kept commenting throughout the meal on how good it tasted.
And I really liked it too! I am not one who likes canned tomatoes, for some reason I think it tastes like the can, but I let the sauce cook covered for almost hour and the flavors melded beautifully, leaving no vestiges of canned tomatoes at all. The recipe called for all portobello mushrooms but I used a mix of that and creminis, so feel free to use your favorite mushroom here. If you like mushrooms, you have to try this one!
Here is the recipe the way I made, enjoy!!

Mushroom Ragu
(adapted from Clean Eating Magazine)

2 tablespoons olive oil
1 small onion, chopped
4 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped
12 oz mushrooms (I used portobello and cremini), cleaned and diced
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
1 (15oz) can chopped tomatoes
Salt and pepper to taste

Heat olive oil in a large pan, sautee onions for about 3 minutes, add garlic and sautee for a minute more. Add mushrooms and thyme and continue to sautee for a few more minutes until the mushrooms start to soften. Add the tomatoes and cook until the mixture is thick. Serve over pasta or polenta.

My Note: The recipe states to cook sauce for 10 minutes, I cooked mine for about 40 to 50 minutes (while I was preparing the rest of the meal), and I found that the flavors were way better than after only 10 minutes. So feel free to adjust cooking time here to your preferences.
And if 10 minutes is all you have to cook the sauce then by all means go with that, this sauce is so delicious that even with 10 minutes of cooking I am sure you are still going to enjoy!


Karen said...

Ana, estou torcendo para que você seja aceita no curso! Que notícia bacana! O melhor é estar entusiasmada em fazer algo novo.

Adoro cogumelo, mas acho que vou ter que usar shitakes...


Akemi said...

Wowww, Ana!!!! Quantas novidades! Também estarei na torcida para que vc seja aceita na universidade! Quando sai o resultado???
Que pena que a sua revista favorita foi reformulada para pior. Também adorava uma revista chamada Cozinha de Ouro, tinha receitas ótimas, mas sem mais nem menos parou de ser publicada. Mas ainda bem que já encontrou outras fontes de inspiração para cozinhar. Este ragu parece delicioso, eu AMOOO cogumelos!!! Infelizmente aqui no Brasil custam o olho da cara, ao contrário do Japão. Tentei fazer um espaguete com molho de cogumelos outro dia, mas somando todos os tipos de cogumelos que precisaria, daria para comprar quase 2 kg de carne! Devolvi tudo com muita dó.
Vou aguardar suas próximas receitas!!! Bjsss

Rita said...

Olha, que coisa boa, você de volta e cheia de entusiasmo! Cool! Gostei da cara da receita, quem sabe experimento...

Estou na torcida pelo MA!


Ana said...

Karen, obrigada pela torcida, eu to precisando! rs! Eu usei portobello e cremini (q sao baby portobelo) mas acho q outros cogumelos devem dar certo tbem. O lance do portobello nesse sauce eh q ele eh mais grosso, mais "meaty", da uma certa robustez p/ o molho - se eh q essa palavra existe! haha!

Akemi, obrigada amiga, qualquer torcida e pensamentos positivos sao muito bem aceitos!
Amiga eles acabaram com minha revista, ficou uma porcaria. Eu fiquei super triste pois eu assinava desde 2001... doeu meu coracao parar a assinatura, mas infelizmente nao estava mais valendo a pena receber a revista do jeito q ficou.
Aqui cogumelo tbem nao eh la muito barato, ate por isso q eu usei cremini na receita, pois portobello eh mais caro.

Rita obrigada pela visita e pela torcida, eu estou animada, tomara q de tudo certo p/ meu MA!


Valentina said...

Ana, good luck with the application. fingers crossed the acceptance letter is on its way. I eat a lot of mushroom but I have never had it in a your recipe has presented a great opportunity to give it a go. your recipes are always very nutritious and I really like them.

The Food Hunter said...

I'm a huge mushroom fan...can't wait to try this one

Ana said...

Thanks Valentina, for both the cheering on my application and the nice comment about my recipes. I really like healthy recipes!
This one is very good, it was the first time I used mushrooms to make a ragu and we were pleasantly surprised by how good it was!

Food Hunter, thanks for the visit! I am sure you will like this recipe, let me know if you try it!


Evandro said...

Vai ser meu almoco hj Ana!!!
Tenho alguns porcini q preciso usar entao vou aproveitar!!
Vou adaptar a italiana um pouco e vamos ver no q da...
Vc sabe qd sai o resultado da faculdade?

Ana said...

Oi Evandro, que bom ver seu comment aqui!! Depois me diz o q vc achou, nos aqui adoramos. Acredito q vai ficar mais gostoso ainda com suas adaptacoes a La Italia!

Sarah, Alan Mimi, GG and Buddy said...

Ana - Looks yummy! Making it tonight for dinner. Are you doing a CSA this year? Wondering where you got all of your pretty veggies. Sarah