Friday, August 08, 2008

Since I have been sharing here some of the cakes I have made, here are a couple more!
I made these while in Brazil. The small one was a little gift to my sister's mother in law, thanking her for the pretty basket and treats she sent us while there. And the big one I made with my sister (she wanted to learn and see how to use the fondat!) for my parent's 32nd Anniversary, man, what a milestone!
Hopefully I will celebrate that many years with my hubby too!


Cris said...

Parabéns aos seus pais Ana! Os bolos estão tão lindos... beijos e bom final de semana!

Ana Cláudia Ruy Cardia said...

Saudacoes, hermana!!!
Bebes bolossss, humm!!! E nao estavam soh bonitos, estavam muuuito bons! hehhehe!!!!
Saudade de vc!
Beijosssss e bom fds, hermanita!!!!

Akemi said...

Ana, vc tem mesmo muito talento para trabalhar a pasta americana! Os bolos estão muito fofos e só de saber que foram para comemorar as bodas de seus pais, tornam-se mais especiais! Parabéns! Bjs

Valentina said...

Ana, wow! you have a gift.I have already said that here.Tell me about the cakes themselves.

Ana said...

Cris, obrigada!

Ana, estavam bons, ne?! Sua ideia p/ o recheio foi 10!

Akemi, obrigada!

Valentina, Thanks! I really enjoy myself making these cakes! And about them, they were simple yellow cake layers (Pao de Lo), with a walnut filling inside. My mom chose the cake and filling flavors and it came out very delicious, it was a great success, even with my sister's boyfriend and his mom!

Thanks to all the friends who stop by to say hi, I really appreciate your nice comments here, you always brighten my day!

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

Hi Ana,
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. These cakes are magnificent!

Helene said...

Oh wow! These are just adorable!!