Sunday, February 14, 2010

For those who celebrate it today:

Happy Valentine's Day!!

We started the day with heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast, so yummy and cute, aren't they?! Matheus loves pancakes for breakfast on weekends so it was a good excuse to make some today!

If you are still looking for an easy and quick chocolate fix for the day take a look at this chocolate mousse recipe that I posted a while ago: Dark Chocolate Mousse.
It is delicious and super easy to make, plus you don't need more than 1 hour in the fridge for this dessert to set. It is one of Matheus' favorite dessert!
We had some friends over yesterday for a night of appetizers, pizza, and games - and some wine, (a delicious Riesling I want to post about soon) - I made chocolate mousse for dessert and everyone loved it! (and we still have one for each of us today, perfect valentine's dessert, yum!)
Hope you all have an awesome Sunday with your loved ones!

Here is a pic of the way I served the mousse yesterday, cute and fun!

Note: using agave nectar in place of sugar to sweeten the mousse works great (be sure to add and taste, adjusting the amount to your preference for sweetness), I love agave!!


brisa said...

Amiga, eu fiz no Natal, com Agave. Eu achei que poderia ter ficado um pouco mais doce..Mas eu usei a qdade de agave pedida pro acucar (1/2 cup) e meu chocolate era bittersweet - chips da Ghiardelli, que era o que eu tinha em casa.

Ou eu aumento o agave, ou mudo o chocolate na proxima..BUT..with all that said..

Nos adoramos!! :) I really don't like using eggs (or gelatin) and got fascinated by this mousse, definitely will repeat and perfect to my taste. Thanks for sharing, it's a keeper:)


brisa said...

Voltei pra falar que eu ACHO que soh colokei 3 colh sopa de agave..hehe..
Nao eh a toa que nao ficou docinho:)Mea Culpa!!
Bjs e Happy New Year!