Wednesday, September 16, 2009

4 Years of Kitchenspace!!!

I have not been good with the blog this past year but I simply could not let this date go by without notice, I had to come here and post about these 4 years of my lovely kitchen space, as this blog means much more than any of you that follow me can ever imagine.
Through this blog I was able to share my passion for food and cooking/baking, and to express myself like in no other place. It was also here that I got to know many wonderful and fun people, some who I even got to meet in person, and created friendships that I want to keep forever, and as long as possibly can.
I started this blog, four years ago, when I was going through the worse phase of my life. A period when I was feeling very lonely and left apart.
The one thing that kept me up and going on those days was my son, Matheus (who is the sunshine of my life and until today motivates me to be who I am), and cooking. Sometimes, when you feel like you cannot handle things, taking a small break is all you need. So you go to the kitchen, bake a cake see it rise and come up to life, then you take it out of the oven and share a slice with your child... once you see the smile on his face the feeling you get is amazing, it shows you instantly that just like that cake you too can be great no matter what is to come, and the best moments are always there, around the corner, just waiting for you to help create them.
With all that was going on with my life the kitchen was my favorite place to be, and there was no point in being here if I could not share my happiness in this space with those who wanted to be my friend.
It ended up that writing this blog made me feel special, made me feel worthy and loved, and that I indeed had some talents that some of those close to me never stopped to pay attention to. Coming here, sharing my food and reading all those comments was, and still is today, a wonderful feeling to me. It feels great to know that there are people out there that share your interests, that get excited about something that you are doing and that are super nice to you even though they have never met you in person.
This blog helped me overcome a lot, in silence, through my cooking, in my favorite place of all, the kitchen.
Today I am definitely having one of the best phases of my life, I am happy with most aspects of it all (even being 30!), and am learning to work on those areas I am not completely satisfied with.
I figured that life is like a recipe, as you grow up you collect the ingredients, but it takes a little time and patience to put everything together in order to get the best of it.
This blog helped me a lot in figuring myself out (which I am still working on), and I know it will keep me company on the years to come, in my journey to create from the life recipe my perfect personal dish!
Thanks everyone for coming and checking on me even when I was not posting frequently. I love all my readers and friends, and this blog (and myself) would be nothing without you all!
Happy Blogversary Kitchen Space!


Fer Guimaraes Rosa said...

Iurru, Ana!
Quatro anos blogando não é pra qualquer um.
Parabens pra voce e pro blog.
Tudo vai mudando, amadurecendo, sempre pra melhor. Espero que o Kitchen Space continue por muitos anos, porque cozinhar é realmente um aprendizado sem fim, que acrescenta tanto nas nossas vidas e nas das pessoas que amamos.

muitos beijos--celebrate! ;-)

brisa said...

Dear Ana,

Coincidentally, today I woke up felling like having something sweet - which is not something that happens more than, hmm, three times a year? (recently, I forgot how I used to be). So I start thinking what I could have and - bang - pumpkin muffins! Not a regular one, the one that I grabbed the recipe here - the vegan style, from the "lunch box" site, that I've done in the past (it came our great, btw, had one right out of the oven).

Anyway. All of this rambling to let you know that I DO appreciate your friendship over these years (even previous to your blog), I share you love for your kid and I hold you dearly in my mind:):)

Thank you for the post and for the blog. And...



brisa said...

PS: and thank you, of course, for the amount of recipes that you've shared and I've tried (the latest previous one was a strawberry tart:)

And forgive me for my dislexic typing..hehe


Bia Belliard said...

Ana, Parabens pelos 4 anos, alias nossos blogs fazem aniversario no mesmo dia ! beijocas

Cinara said...

Querida Ana, como eu já disse, você, a Akemi e a Paty foram algumas das primeiras amigas virtuais que eu fiz, e até hoje sou muito grata a vocês pelo apoio lá no começo... Por isso espero que você continue inspirando seus leitores e compartilhando suas delícias conosco por muitos e muitos anos mais!
Um beijão!

Rita said...


Nosso contato é tão incipiente... mas você já é para nós aqui de casa a “Ana dos muffins” – muffins que eu preparo com meu filhote de 4 anos, em momentos deliciosos na cozinha (obrigada!); muffins da receita perfeita que me fazem acreditar que eu também posso fazer maravilhas culinárias para dividir com minha família (obrigada!). Você também é a “Ana dos biscoitos” - que eu hei de conseguir fazer...
Além de saber que você é cozinheira de mão cheia, não sei nada sobre você. Mas sua simpatia e carisma me convencem de que você é totalmente do bem. Gosto muito de seu blog, um dos primeiros que me acostumei a visitar na web, eu que sou uma blogueira recém-viciada. Fico muito feliz pelo seu entusiasmo e desejo todo sucesso para vocês dois.

Congratulations! May your road be a very bright and long one. For kitchenspace is indeed a very good fellow!

(E por falar em aniversários, hoje é o dia da minha filhota. Passa lá pra você ver um anjinho...)


brisa said...

Amiga, que bolinho eh este?:)


EuEle said...

Parabens, mil beijos
beije todos por mim