Sunday, January 21, 2007


Just a quick post to say Hi and that we got here safe and sound! The airplane trip was nice and calm, everything went well, and now it is just a matter of getting used to the three hour difference.
The weather is nice and warm here, Hooray to summer!! If only it would stop raining for a bit... but being in the warm continent is already great!
The family keep us busy all the time, and although I wanted to post a picture today, I wasn´t able too, I simply forgot to bring my camera... I cannot believe I forgot it, but at least my sister has one and I am going to borrow it soon!!
I made a dessert for today and if it comes out pretty I will snap a pic and post the recipe to share here with you! Oh yes, even away from home I manage to find a friendly kitchen to have some fun, and of course keep my cooking skills sharpened!


Cinara said...

It's great to know you had a nice trip, Ana! Hope you enjoy your stay here, and we're looking forward to new posts from you... ;o)

Akemi said...

Ana, que bom que a viagem foi tranquila! Estaremos esperando alguns posts sobre sua estada na terrinha! Bjs e divirtam-se!

brisa said...

Ana querida,

aproveita mesmo que verao eh tao bom!!:)) I hope your trip is awesome..



Eliana Scaramal said...

Ana estou envergonhada pois só hoje percebi que você havia deixado um comentário no meu blog e perguntava sobre o livro Claudia Cozinha, me perdoe eu realmente não sei o que aconteceu que eu não vi o seu comentário. :(

brisa said...

Well..good thing that you are not posting here..Your vacations are a blast!!:))

Let us know when you come back..:))