Friday, September 16, 2005

Chicken Soup

Matheus was running a fever yesterday night. An early morning trip to the pediatrician revealed the beginning of an ear infection. He wasn't feeling well and said he wanted soup for lunch, so there I was in the kitchen gathering some veggies while he watched his new favorite movie, Toy Story!
No recipes today, I just got some vegetables I had in the house, some chicken, chickpeas (which we both love), all went to the pot with some chicken broth and there was our soup. Chicken and vegetable soup with ABC pasta!
A very simple soup, but I have to say it was so good and comforting that it even made me fell better! So good that I decided to post a picture!
And talking about pictures, I made some cookies yesterday and will try to post later some pictures and recipe.

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valentinaJacome said...

I love preparing soup like that. Finding suitable things in the cuboards and just chucking them all in the pan. It's the magical side of cooking.The soup looks lovely and very healthy.